Barcelona, Catalonia. July 2013

Scientific program

Notice that underlined talks have slides available. Click in the name of the talk to view them.

Mostowski lecture

  • Adam Krawczyk: Andrzej Mostowski Centenary.

Hausdorff Medal lecture:

  • Hugh Woodin: The Future Trichotomy.


  • Moti Gitik: Forcing and cardinal arithmetic.

Plenary lectures:

  • Laura Fontanella: Strong combinatorial properties at small cardinals.
  • Menachem Magidor: Reflection properties of successors of singulars.
  • Michael Rathjen: The calculus of construction meets power Kripke-Platek set theory.
  • John Steel: Recent results in inner model theory.
  • Simon Thomas: An embedding problem for finitely generated simple groups.
  • Philip Welch: A condensed history of condensation.

Invited lectures:

  • Alessandro Andretta: The density point property.
  • Ali Enayat: Borel models of arithmetic and set theory.
  • Marcin Sabok: Canonical Ramsey theory on Polish spaces.
  • Wieslaw Kubis: Homogeneous structures of arbitrarily large cardinality.
  • Yurii Khomskii: Cichon's diagram and regularity properties.
  • Grigor Sargsyan: Some applications of core model induction.
  • Menachem Kojman: Splitting families in ZFC.
  • Natasha Dobrinen: General framework for topological Ramsey spaces and ultrafilters with partition properties.

Contributed talks:

  • Andrew Brooke-Taylor: Evasion of large cardinals.
  • Jean Larson: Counting G-tops, preliminary report.
  • Luz Maria Garcia Avila: A forcing notion related to Hindman's theorem.
  • Jan Stary: Compactness of the order-sequential topology.
  • Zoltan Vidnyanszki: Borel hull's of Haar null sets.
  • Barnabas Farkas: Representations of ideals in Banach spaces.
  • Wojciech Stadnicki: CPA and the Mathias model.
  • David Schrittesser: Projective measure without projective Baire.
  • Liuzhen Wu: P-ideal dichotomy and non-threadable coherent sequence.
  • Maciej Malicki: Non-locally compact abelian groups and orbit equivalence relations.
  • Philip Schlicht: Generalized Choquet spaces and groups.
  • Matteo Viale: Generic absoluteness for strong forcing axioms.
  • Ryszard Frankiewicz: A Hindman-like theorem with applications.
  • David Aspero: Long reals.
  • Basil Smith: Elemental theory of relations.
  • Adrian Mathias: Flutters and chameleons.
  • Piotr Zakrzewski: Remarks on invariants ccc $\sigma$-ideals on 2^N.
  • David Chodounsky: Hausdorff towers and gaps.
  • Will Boney: Large cardinal and abstract elementary classes.
  • Janusz Pawlikowski: A characterization of $\Sigma_1^2$ sets.
  • Aleksander Blaszczyk: P_{\lambda}-sets and skeletal mappings.
  • Charles Morgan: Generalized Borel reducibility and gap cohomology.
  • Philipp Lucke: Specializing Aronszajn trees and square sequences by forcing.
  • Vincenzo Dimonte: Very large cardinals and the power function.

Round table on the future of set theory:

An open discussion with all the ESTC participants.