Faith Dubois Allred maybe try this for Zana boo!. Marilyn Kelley Campbell hey, if the schnapps doesn't work promethazine syrup dosage 😂

I shop all year. It's not unusual for me to have gifts for the following year hid away on Christmas morning. Then on the following day it's off to cvs for discounted christmas wrap for the next year. Happy Holidays All. I can't get pased the allow page can anyone help

@Hannah the promotions are weekly so if you spend $28 on Monday you would need to spend the additional $2 by Saturday to get the gift card. Hope that helps!

@ Adella only today Sunday October 23rd, can i take promethazine codeine while pregnant 2011!!!!!

Thank you CVS! My 3 year old had so much promethazine dm online fun : )

I know that feeling, i still do too and mine are 3 and 4, lol:). The mercury and aluminum in the shot greatly increases your risk for Alzheimers

People who do not use a blinker when driving

a painter with paint on my face that didnt wash off for a snow white...i was 17 and i had globs of white make-up on to get that pale look

Getting a message that the application has been disabled.. Never got mine either, I registered Monday. promethazine syrup dose for child I have called 3 times and just get told to wait.

@Heather will promethazine hydrochloride 25 mg get you high type 2 diabetes may be on the rise due to bad eating habits but there are type one is caused by still not understood factors. Babies and toddlers can be diagnosed. Its not because they are super sizing.

how long via mail does it take for your cvs card to usually get in?  mine has been well over a month and i have yet can you get high off promethazine codeine syrup to receive my card yet, i have a temporary one

@ Melissa, you just said you saw someone else clear the shelf. How can you expect an employee to know the second an item is off the shelf and run to the back room to fill it? And yes there are limits on the extra bucks, but that doesn't stop people from having 8 different cards and getting the limit on every card. We do our best to keep things stocked, but if something is in the backroom we have no problem dropping whatever we're working on to go get it. Most stores only have 2 people on every shift (in my area at least) and to expect one person to constantly be walking the store and filling holes when there are tons of other duties involved in running a store is a bit of a reach.

Better than that, I live the people who say 'first' and then actually were not first.  FAIL!. my 9 year old was just told he has Type 1 promethazine dm syrup active ingredients diabetes, we will be learning alot, thanks for the CVS advantage

Mary Elizabeth Marks not sure promethazine suppository nausea if it's real.. Rebecca Jimenez I should try this

I found a system where people are losing 5-15 lbs promethazine pills 25 mg effects in only 8 days!  This is my friend Lindsey who has been coached on our System. She lost 8 lbs and 8 inches in her first 8 days, down 2 pant sizes in 18 days and lost over 40 lbs...and has kept it off over 5 years. Shoot me a friend request for more information!

Looks so good in a real hot bathtub.

I  got $8.50 in free bucks at CVS!  I simply use my Rewards card every time I go and whatever it is adds up. The receipt printed out $8.50 free bucks the other day and hey! I'm lookin' forward to using it!

HEY HEY CVS! Your scanner in the North Brunswick store on Livingston Ave where you scan your card for coupons has not been working for 2 WEEKS. I'm getting MAD.. I never received mine either. sad

When he bought me my first car, '78 Mustang Hatchback, it was a standard. I'd never where to get promethazine cough syrup driven one before....He wanted me to drive it to the mechanic for a tune-up. I asked him if he had any pointers for me. He said, \

Wonderful CAUSE... CVS is awesome!

I was there yesterday and didn't get one.  Probably would have remembered except the cashier forgot to apply my coupons and had to first 'return' everything and then phenergan tab 10mg ring it up again. Folks in line behind me were none too pleased, but what was I to do?

I LOVE CVS and the bucks back....our 24-hour CVS is so nice to me.

My friend's grandson was trying to  get her to buy bubbles for outside because it is suppose to be spring....well, during that conversation it started to hail little bits of ice. She explained to him what hail was and that it meant it was very cold outside when he put his little promethazine syrup plain wockhardt hand up and said \. My human thinks cats can't talk. Now DATS FUNNY!

Denise, we're so sorry to hear you were disappointed. We do take your feedback very seriously and appreciate your business. We hope you stick around and give us an opportunity to make it up to you. Thanks for reaching out.. Denise, come visit us on the cape. We will steal you back as a life long customer. smile

i didnt get my coupon from the last offer?