I have survivors and also a few loved ones who have passed.  Hope there is a cure someday soon..

not fair to those of us with FB but not twitter hmm. are you a money trasher, pledge to make a change.

But CVS, I do wish you would promote OTHER ways of avoiding the flu besides glipizide er 5mg used for the luck-of-the-draw vaccine.  I'm getting tired of reading about it and may end up blocking your posts.

I was just informed that CVS isn't putting the sale ad in the paper anymore. Not a good idea.. arent the picnic supplies 75% clearance now?  Would that mean they'd be 75% and BOGO free?

The sweet pharmacist at CVS on Maple St in Carrollton, GA. We have all of our prescriptions filled there.  I won't go anywhere else.   I can call her day or night to ask about drug interactions or any questions I have for my kids medicine.  We have another CVS in town, but I know people who drive 15-20 minutes across town to come to this location because she is so great!  One time, my son had strep throat and was in excrutiating pain with nothing working, she gave me the benadryl/maalox (I think?) trick to help coat his throat and get the pain to calm down!  She's a mom and knows how hard it is when our kids are sick!  LOVE her..just wish I remembered her name! sad

Beth Corsmeier rocks the oakley store in cincinnati ohio keep up the good side effects of glipizide xl 5mg work

David from the Sylmar, CA store is always extremely friendly. He is always willing to go that \

Hooligan advertising - what's next :  Buy CVS brand water or you won't be allowed Back in the store ?  Know what you're posting about. That just makes you look glyburide glipizide differences ignorant & greedy !

Remember, in Mt. Camrel@ least, the new sale is in the reg. at CVS after 4 on Sat. That's s when alot of the couponers go in and shop. They do get a truck in on Thurs and they are really good about rainchecks. I love CVS and they have saved me a lot of money over the years.... @Jeanne the truck day varies.  In my area, its Wednesday when the truck arrives.

I'am glipizide 10 mg pictures going there to get some stuff for my grandchildren's Easter Baskets

I can just see the girls trading pinks and glyburide glipizide purples, lol!

Spray! Has to be the fastest way to get 4 kids and myself ready to hit the beach. I hate how expensive it is, but with cvs and extrabucks its not as bad! Thanks for all the great deals

I barely seen the infomercial for them yesterday. Soooo stupid, they are pretty much jeggins!!! And those have beeeen out and much cheaper! Still horrible though....

Hi all, if you could please post your questions to the main wall, we can answer each individually. Thanks!. Hi Shari, sorry to be unclear. We mean as individual wall posts, not comments to this post. Thanks!

What about the babies they do help?  This isn't an abortion forum.  They do good for babies that are suffering and alive in this world as well.  Don't hurt glipizide 5 mg para que es the ones that need help.

Dorthy Dancey generic glipizide xl at the Gainesville, Texas store. Always a great smile and willing to help.

cadbury eggs!! yum yum glipizide xl 10 mg side effects time to go tom the store, I can taste it now!! lol smile

saved almost 15.00 w/ coupons and extra care coupons

foggy brain and inner ear issues sad. runny nose and itchy glucotrol nombre generico eyes and I keep Kleenex in every room in the house, cars and my purse. Don't leave home without them :-)

I posted this so everyone can save $$ ...anything that saves I will post smile


More money, less debt, more coupons, less weight and glipizide tablet usp monograph more love!

I gave my coupon to the clerk, but it was worthless because all the items I bought were on sale.  So I used the coupon for nothing.

@Keri, have you checked your spam folder? If you didn't receive your coupon, please give us a call at 800-SHOP-CVS.

KELLY AND KEVIN @ 7892   Bradenton, Fl.    This store is the best. All the employees front and back are AWESOME. The store manager Joe M.   is great!. Larry Meek--- CVS glipizide glyburide conversion Lake Wylie, SC--- is awesome!