I love the expired license and they need it now cause they are catching a plane in one hour. Never mind your meds, How you going to get through TSA with an expired license?

(Pet peeve) Which medications do you need?, customer-all of them. Ok do you know the name or what it's for?, customer-no they're all there on the computer. WTF I dislike how people are so careless/lazy to know more information on their meds. & then they come back saying I didn't need this one, can I return it?!. 😡. When a patient says just fill everything

يبدو إنها مشكله عالميه! Yusur Nusaiba

Zithromax, 2 tabs the first day, then one daily for the next four days... Super easy!

CVS is my pharmacy. All my prescriptions come from generic fenofibrate price there. They know me very good .. We love CVS. They always make us Feel Special!!!!! Sharon sballin @goodwillcollectibles.com

I am a Nigerian, i like cvs drugs, i am a pharmacist and needs the drugs here in Nigeria, how do i start please?. CVS Pharmacy how long does It take for the Cvs card to come In the mail? also Is It a big card and two little ones?

It is probably because physicians cannot bill to screen for diabetes so many do not. Therefore they do not know they have pre-DM to treat. Ridonkulous!

I'm reading it as fenofibrate 300 mg theragram ultra

You buy your meds in America, learn English.  When in America, do as the Americans do---that's how the Romans did tricor malaysia it

I had a horrible reaction to erythromycin and penicillin combined once. I totally don't trust antibiotics!

I don't know why it wasn't done sooner.

Well.. I had an e-script for an antibiotic with directions take 1 tab bid for 7 days and quantity one., that too at the end of the day when their offices are closed !!

I got them!  Would have called due to dosing on warfarin and not positive on 2nd

I always use to get from elderly person my eye water lol

This the line I use to love wen I work @ tricore labs atrisco rite aid in 2006, customers would come in w/ narcotics RX AND SAY\. Why should somebody have to wait an hour? My pharmacy has me in and out in 30 min!

Well, if this mess rings true, the government/state should have some form of regulation as they do with PSE products.

I used to see it all the time when I was auditing. Yes, since we do hold our cellphones more often.

I'm with Mary... *Everything* fenofibrate 200 mg brand name is *always* our fault. Didn't you guys get the memo?? tongue

Just ask the guy who comes to the register to pick up tricorbraun glassdoor his 10 Rx's and then decides to purchase a bottle of pepsi with a Snicker's bar on the side -_-

Got all of android tricorder 5.12 apk them except for on first one

and then there's the comment...Just how long does it take to pour some pills into a bottle and stick a lable on it??  That one drives me insane!!!!!

A child with tattoo n piercing.. Omg pls.. What the f is going on in this world! Abused childhood? And u wanna canadain brand only tricor relive that moment? Or u calling drug abuse a new name?

My never faded, it just turned weird and green. Maybe something to do with the shampoo I was using.. Loved this stuff...couldn't get it out of my hair to save my life, but that was ok😉

I star trek tricorder sounds iphone ❤️CVS !!! 😀. Way! Cool! 😊


All dayum that means I have to go to work tricor singapore job vacancy a hour earlier an my weekend robbed of an hour. Thanks 4 the reminder sun after midnight we go forward 1 hr !!! Am i right ??