Stupid moron attitude ever.. Dont like it wether i'm in a good mood.

Thats called sexual assult 😕 morons!


It is called sexual assault asshats


SO STUPID! Dumb to even post this...never mind the amount of people who watch this

Ahaha imma bout to get sexual harassment.  Then imma show the cops this video.

Damn Chinese and their kung fu movies


Forcible penetration without consent = sexual assault / sodomy. Idiots.


The fuckin Japs already did that to us in Pearl Harbor. Don’t turn your back on them. See Unbroken

Stupid people can do something like this,i not see anything funny there,lol grow up guys 🤔😕

That's like really fucking gross you wanna put your hands in people's asses...wtfh

You guys are suggesting us to do this in Asia but sorry but if non Asians do it it’s cultural appropriation you bigoted white males

do that here in america in chicago or detroit you ass capped fo sho mothafuka


Lorenzo van Hofwegen so that’s why you wanted to go to Japan so bad! You fucking stab-happy cunt !

Bunch of sensitive little bitches in here lol.

You better to run fucking fast if someone tried to do that to me I will destroy him, it's a sexual aggression !

Joshua Friend no wonder you go to Japan cunt

I’m from Asia and this is fucked up!


funny?whats funny on that motherfuckers!


Thats sexual har ass ment🙈😡

This was famous in the Arab world long before. We call it the baaboosa.

Its also call suicide game.
Do that to me and you'll see what happen to you real quick !!!

If Westerners think of everything as rape they'll stop procreating =-)

Adam Johnstone bloody asians back at it again Jack McGregor stahp

What is next? If someone fucks you \