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I'm not surprised at all. One day, someone will tell the entire truth about the child trafficking - I mean adoptions - from China.

Damn serious skills are needed to do something like this. I don’t think I’d be able to do this, maybe i should try it and get some serious muscles. Lol. It's funny that all the pole dancing defenders number one comeback is \

Porn culture. Pedophilia culture. Rape culture. It would be like teaching young girls to do striptease acts. And don't talk to me about how pole dancing is an athletic sport. If you want to see children do athletic sports go support a little girl playing softball or soccer or doing gymnastics don't engage in something that's associated completely with porn  culture.

I see nothing wrong.  These girls are athletes, it's people who have issues.

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Happy Mother's Day Sis, we're missing mom too. aldurazyme genzyme

That's the problem with people in this world nowadays they rather turn the cheek and look the other way because it's easier to ignore it,then stand up and do something right and intervene.

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Great idea love it n all my babies like them too

Who’s cutting onions in here. Ana Monterroso  Touching... and sad at the same time. Hello Hello ❤️️

Very sad I wish when they posted stuff like this they would also state and go to this website so you could donate help time services? 😢😢. Terrible what happened to the true natives of that land, my god the cruelty put on the natives to steal there land is absolutely a shameful disgusting, America has a lot to answer for, poor people disgraceful Shame shame shame on the opressers, 🇮🇪 🇮🇪

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If I was a woman (in my right mind) I wouldn’t wanna cope wit NOT being able to have kids to by takin care of a doll aldurazyme pi that looks like a very well crafted corpse of a baby...if I was a woman tho

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The part I'm disappointed in is none of these fuckwits died