This is very cruel!!!!!!!  How would they like if their loved one's lifeless body was thrown the same way?

Well it’s February 5th 2018!!!. Today's the 5th. Did he launch or not?

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Stop giving these mentally challenged people a platform. Go back to the days where anyone can commit someone for $100. Russ Doman, Martyn Cooper, I don't know which is more amusing, the video or the religious bellends in the comment section....

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Kayla Duniam Jorja Horton disturbing

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This guy is straight stealing from people. That’s what it call take advantage of Religion 🤣

It might sound like a stupid question but the animal is sedated, right?. Martin Garcia así quiero que operes a mis vacas si me vendes el belgian blue hahah

This is so nice to see, we could do to learn something from these people. To be honest, I feel like in order to better our society as a whole, we need to start with those who will become the leaders. Kindness breeds kindness. big_smile

ah! so many good people thats why I dream clindoxyl gel preo 45g to go to korea someday😍😊😊

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Soojeong Hwang people are so nice!. Awww I love this! Especially the lady at the end 💕

Disgusting!!! PEOPLE DIED HERE and you're running around like fools! You have no respect for what these were built for.. Not only is this disturbing, but must smell like sweaty ass and balls in there...yuk!!

Reginald Cothworth this is U in less than 50 years 🤣😏🤣. Orán Annett.. this will be you 😂😂

To be honest I'm not throwing out makeup until I think it's time

How about the people who did it ?

It gave me a boner. See what I did there?. These remains are from people who WANTED to be there. So what if it's artfully decorated.

Hipsters another slaves of drugged fashinon creators. They look like savages