So now it’s the 6th of February any update on this hello

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Sidney J. Somme go with your boy!. Fatima Dustagheer 1ti patience enkor 😂

Your days being OVER cannot come soon enough. Bullying. An American pastime. Done in various forms, from minorities, to entire countries.


What a smart and good woman.👍


I guess alprax online pharmacy india this is what you call natural selection.

Did North Korea said anything about this? Cause I did not saw a NK news broadcast about this.

And what is she doing for NK now, but more exactly and what was she before she was 'executed'?. I`m so happy that Russia &nd America working better togheter it is a greatest Succes Nrth Korea is going to the Olympics from 2018... &nd lets not forget it is also goes better in Syria... But worldwide is their still milions of things to moderate (your sincerely)

Alanna Kelly it was listing to me again FFs. This vest is safe without the motorcycle..

To be fair he has a rather large surface area

I'm from middle east and I will blame Israel or United States for this!!!. These sand rednecks cant even drive a car 😂😂😂

علی اکبر نقوی بلی کے کھواب میں چھچھڑے 😂🤣. Soroush Naseri noen har håp ser jeg😂

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No one has ever commited a crime against humanity than George Soros. George Soros is a criminal.

That's a lie and he is a liar! Poor Georgie! Sold his parents to the Nazis and they died in the camps. That's the truth!. alprax 0.5 hindi No guilt no loyalty and no morals. Shame he escaped what happened to so many others. He no better than a Nazi.

Get me the popcorn 🍿, this has got to be one of the best threads ever. Let them f**k the trees and earth, better than raping the children.

Ive never thought of that. That is pretty awesome

Hello...How is my Brother Ron...We are working on settling...Pleae keep in touch...Love Toots.... These are great for adults also (with vodka, of course).

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Sophie Graul je voit trop mathis la ...

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Been doing this as a kid on a sled. big_smile