im tired of seeing all these videos but understand why they are shown. its tipped me over the edge.. absolutely sobbing now. WHY BE SO CRUEL. HEARTLESS PIECE OF SCUM. If ever i see a dog dressed up like that i know i will speak up n vent my anger. heartbreaking. 💔💔😢😢😢


Dogs aren't epidural steroid injection slipped disc meant to walk on two legs. I'll smack the owner with my chankla.

Such videos make me think epidural injections in the neck side effects that humans can be the filthiest beings ever. 😭💔

Animals are free creatures. They are not for your puppet show definition epidural hematoma

Heena Dutta next time you see those viral videos dog walking on 2 legs.. or even on street do me a favour..  unlike it.. in real life case slap that owner cu*t with your chappal

THESE HUMAN OWNERS WILL ROT IN HELL THAT's epidural steroid injection cost in india for sure! Stop the abuse!!!! Just for likes???

How can humans be so sick and heartless. Hope karma takes care of them.

This upsets me so much. I really thought it was adorable. But Damn! What is wrong epidural steroid injection benefits with people


the white doogggg ���� broke my hearttt sad(( dudeee am i crazy or is the dude soeaking viettt???? MiMimi Phan

Horrible, a dog should be able to enjoy there lives. What cruel people😡😡😡😡. Ya que tienen los videos, a las personas(por llamarlos asi) ,se les ha detenido o algo?

I hope someone chops the balls of these chinky bastards shits motherfuckers piece why do epidural hematomas not cross suture lines of shits. Humans are litrally are the only beings that hurt others just for fun...why would you want to hurt an animal!? Just why!!

Wat komen er toch een hoop filmpje voorbij  op facebook die te walgelijk voor woorden zijn.Begrijp niet dat facebook dit toelaat walgelijk😡😡😡😡

I hope you have reported this to the relevant epidural block technique pdf people I cannot cope with watching this vile cruelty 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡. Sooooooo mean that make me piss off what they to that. Pls stop mean to animals.

Its toooooo much. They should be a dog too.thats cruelty.. Jennifer Lindström man blir så förbannad när man ser sånt här😡 kolla vad lik den ena hunden är Max o va rädd han är😢

This owner needs to be treated like he treating his fur babies. You stupid mother fuckers! I hope you go to jail for a long long time. And I hope you lost those dogs too.

Has anyone reported this and taken those poor epidural hematoma treatment emedicine dogs from them???? Sickening.

It shouldn't take a video like this to put into conclusion that this generation is literally full of evil lol.. How can people hurt animals like that? I just don't understand 😢

Dang Tran Dinh để con  chó đi đc 2 chân như thế này thì ngta đã đánh nó ác như vậy 😢

Izavela Maryann Sanchez  may Isa pang Vid na sinasaktan nila mga dogies oh! 😡. Nino Martinenko-Silva I thought those videos were cute but not really cost of epidural injection in uk these poor dogs

Should beat them and make them walk lime dogs bastards😠😠😠😠😠😠. These are not advantages of epidural anesthesia or spinal anesthesia toddlers who can be taught to walk nor are they a circus act. There is a purpose why they have 4 legs and not 2 😡.

Tanisha waiting to come across someone who epidural steroid injection spinal stenosis hits animals like that.


This is why i never find these videos cute or funny, truly disgusting!. My heart is broken
   🐼💚     💜🐼
💜       🐶        💚
🐶                    🐶
  💚                💜
     🐼          🐼
        💜   💚


Complete bastards. Poor little thing  - no animal should be made to do anything it doesn't postoperative epidural orders want to. Complete scumbags. 😧


Those owners need epidural blockade to be beaten themselves. Dogs just want be loved.

Pinche Culero ponte con un hombre pendenjo epidural order sheet y estúpido ojalá que se lo quiten al pendejo