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because why on earth would you cross on red lights??!

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That's exactly like spanking a dog when it tries to run away. Animal activists should focus their attention on eradicating pet-ownership in America before they meddle with China! πŸ˜‚

If these videos are posted then go after these assholes who post them. No animal should be made to do this. Stop watching these videos and let's go after the assholes who post them

Poodles and Poms tend to like to dance on two feet when a treat is dangled over their heads. They can be trained walk without abusing them. It's a shame these people didn't have the patience and kindness to do it right. However, not all dog walkers should be considered abused animals.

Exactly I trained my dog to do plenty of tricks with treats for every time he got something down never once hitting him so to say all dogs that can do tricks are abused is a overstatement the people who abuse animals for tricks are the same people who abuse animals period you're just trying to find a reason to throw a fuss about

Shame, shame ,shame. doryx coupon code 2013 How can people be so cruel to the innocent. Makes me sick to my stomach.

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Evil souls... Heart broken to see a woman too doing this... And that guy!!!!Β  Has he no shame and self respect...? Somebody do the same with their children too in presence of them and see their reactions... Please God Punish them to the fullest...!!!!!


Ilayda Imrak ohh die hondjes die op achterpoten lopen 200 mg doryx worden mishandeld om dat te leren en het is ook heel slecht voor ze 😭

they must go to prison for lifetime for hurting a dog i hate people who torture dogs i wish they would be punished. I hate these vids I find them disgusting, dogs r meant to be on all fours. 😑😑😑

Melville Anne this is why I don't like those videos 😭😭😭. Some people needs to be hanged 😑. Poor babies. My dog walks on his hind legs for a min or two and that's just what he does on his own...no one trained him to do so.


Rashell Wright I doryx dr told you the owners should be punched.

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People aren't people. This is just too much.

Kai Huang is this how you doryx generic available trained max?

Your courage and sacrifice is appreciated more than you'll ever know


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Joanne Tan these guys are inhumane 😠

Them dogs should be takin away now😑. I will fucking kill you people. doryx 150 mg Seriously

A real man drinks the beer fitst, then shoots at the bottles big_smile

TRUMP is a generic doryx 150 mg low life (BARE FACE LIAR) hay Anissa' BE MY GIRL;-) IM CRAVING YOU... Cant get u out'ma'Head, Run away with Me... Ill Love You... Ill Be YOUR MAN.

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