So very sad. I just want to shout at these people, and hug the poor doggies.

O.M.G. this video makes me so sad to the point i want to cry. I can't believe this is happening. I hope they catch every person who puts an animal through this & put them away.!!!!😥. So cruel, make that person walk on all four to see how she feels.


Det gør ondt at nogle kan behandle dyr så modbydelig
Dyr ser op og elsker os. Who the hell would video someone belting a dog?  This is sick - humans are so cruel sad

Awful - who are these people in the video??  Can we not name & shame them wherever they are!! I'd like to take a shoe to that guy!!! Sooo angry. What a cruel monsters, please boycott cute dog videos. It's so sad.

I nearly threw up. Iam not kidding. I also did not mean to press the like tab.

This people that are doing all this bad things must die ass Hdp... Hdp.... 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡.  valerian instead of valium   Keres ganar plata maltratando a los animales....... 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡

My dog walks on her hind legs because we laugh,and give her praise ,she started on her own. Stephane Labrecque omg the little guy at the beginning. I found it so stupid when everyone was like sooo cute at the video this week

My dog does it for treats though just nkt for long periods of time hmm Adrian Barajas. Zou die mensen zo hard slaan met een schoen als ik dat zou zien wat vreselijk.

Bloody Block heads!!! The 4 legs was meant for them to walk on and not 2....
Get that through those thick heads of yours....
And stop beating them...its so heartbreaking💔💔💔😢😢😢..enough of these type of videos....

I don't like it 😞. This is so wrong!!! How are there such vile people around!!!!! Makes me so angry that people could do anything this 😭😡😡😡


Neil Marney 😭😭😭 I knew there was no way these dogs just did this! I'd like to hunt these bastards down!

I dont like this cruelty with innocent animals for your few second fun one day punish you God. What a bunch of pieces of @ssholes. I would beat the crap out of someone if I seen this happen!!!


Charlie Smith changed my mind about how cute it was.. this is what happens if you take valium and eat grapefruit absolutely horrible!!

Not every dog that's walking like this is trained that way. As a matter of fact I'm willing to valium online no prescription buy bet this is not the norm.

You can also teach them with encouragement no pain. Y'all are narrow minded!!. If you see a dog walking on hind legs in a tourist spot, just take off your chancla and hit the handler?


Mais voilà on s'en balek de voir des chiens sur deux how much does valium cost in south africa pattes ! Marie Agui Emmanuelle Gli

Animal cruelty they should be shot😡

It broke my heart seeing the defenseless dogs. kann man an überdosis valium sterben You can see the fear in them eyes, especially the white dog. 😢😭. m*****', I hope these sick people get punished really bad!!!  Ugh!! 😡😡😡😢😢

Disgusting we should be able to do that to the people smh

Joe Cusumano no I'm crying now 😭 we need to save him oh my god !

FUCKING ASSHOLE'S i hope you all die slow and may rot in hell for this animal cruelty!!!!!!!. This kind of people should not be allowed to own any pet ever.

I never agreed with this trick.....because of the injuries to hips, ankles and knees......ALSO, this is NOT NORMAL...... Omg 😲 monsters.. 😡😡i would love to give them a beating!! 💪


Avery Frazier We must go valium and adipex on a husband and wife culling of these mother fuckers bonny and Clyde style

Man sollte diese Menschen in kleine valium blue pill teva Kisten stecken und sie im See ertränken 😡


I feel sick now. cruel bastards. How dare they😡😡😡.


mad mad mad!  they are so freaking cute creatures how can they even touch them like this!  aboslute inhuman.