I wish I could hit that idiot with a big stick and make him to walk on his hands the way he is doing it to the poor dog 😡😠. Not sharing those videos anymore.. and instead going to report them when I come across them..

I almost cried my eyes out ! 😓 I wish I nyquil pills dosage could save those poor babies.

Stupid and dumb people are always there. You better turn into a nyquil discount washing machine rather than being a human.

So what you trying to tell me is every dog that is walking like this has been beaten. Nilvia Ramos yeaaa kind of figured this was going on🤷🏼‍♀️

people nowadays trying to get attention! Smh, burn them down!!!!. I didn't realize this is how they are being tought to do that it's horrible.

This is what I thought they were doing to them. nyquil high effects

Oh my gosh ��. I couldn't watch past the little brown puppy getting punched. These sick \

The ones beating and torturing these costco nyquil price poor babies, some body need to take something and beat the he// out of them.

Revolting, wretched, vile...and I nyquil severe cold ingredients hate that they do that!!!

Ollie Brown Joshua Brown now you know how long do nyquil pills make you sleep the story behind them Dogs that walk on their back legs.

I'm sick of seeing the 'cute' footage! All I see is cruelty and hopefully this now proves it and stop people sharing it 😒

Hey buddy I would love to take a shoe and smack you in the fucking face you piece of crap. Kelly it's cute watching the dog walk on two but there ain't positivity involved 😭😣


Gerard Kelly😢 nyquil severe caplets barcode now i only want one so i can cuddle it and keep it happy💔

Sarah this may be why I don't like those videos hmm

Bastards wish he was in front of me he would be getting slapped in the do i need id to buy nyquil dish off my flip flop 😡😡😡😡

Nasty humans once again make them walk on all 4s video it give us a laugh

I does nyquil make you sleepy hope someone did something about what that person was doing I wont watch anything like that. A esta bestia hay que torturarla asi para que camine como perra

This is horrible why are these people so cruel poor little dogs.

Omg, heartbreaking. Next time if I see a dog walking like that I will beat the lights out of the owner. 😈


The owners of these babies needs to be in
jail for stupidity. nyquil make me sleep

So now everyone thinks that's how all dogs are trained lmao . Y'all so dumb . Keep letting media fuel u. Can anyone give me update about these... Do thw owner charge of animal cruelty??

Some one needs to beat them and make to walk on their hands and feet

Walking on hind legs must not be painful for all dogs, because one of  my dog does it on her own and does it a lot

Disgusting... owners should be prosecuted for animal abuse!. all these low life cunts need a bullet to the brain after a good beating with a baseball bat.

Why  not the government. Take the.  Fucking  garbage people. And killing  for. Mother's fuckers