It is incredible. Thank you cvs!. Love, love, love, much better then Walgreens by far frova max dose

Sure, it is your choice, but if you get the will wish you had got the shot.. well has you get older its alaways good to do

I hope they are really IMPROVED because the old ones leaked bad. I thought they were definitely not as good as huggies, pampers or even walgreens diapers. However, they are okay for at home. If I am going into town or to the store I will put him in pampers because I've had the cvs ones leak too many times.

Costco is the best. Do not use insurance. The cost works out to be better than prescription copays. Insurance is bull$&@\. the best would be that the FDA starts testing the generics that they are frovatriptan 2.5 mg tablets manufacturing and finds out that they do not even compare 50%

I soooo love CVS! My 2nd home

thank you Got the peanut butter cups but they just do not taste that great. my coupon frovatriptan succinate 2.5 mg never showed up in my email either

They have always resolved any issues I've had in store and via their 800 number. Question: Do you work for Walgreens or Rite Aid - I see some bitterness in your  frova 2.5 mg uses several comments posted on everyones posts.  Just curious!

$0.89! Twenty bucks lasted me two weeks of driving 20mins round trip five days a week to school. . About 38 cents a gallon. Darn it you made me own up to my age!

Yes, I will be with my Rays; my husband and my son are named Ray! LOL!

Love u mom ! I miss u very much.

I earned $15 so I spent it on discount frova expensive allergy medicine.

We have a great Pharmacist....always helpful...the staff on the other hand have always frova prescription cost given the impression that you are a much waiting, attitude and even wrong medication dispensed....I just go elsewhere when I have to drive to get to that elsewhere..... cvs cares about the people,and treat you with respect!

always good service at my CVS..they know me by name..

Stocking up on root touch up by clairol while it's on sale &coupon... Yay!

Hi Sandra, we're sorry to hear frova generic brand you are disappointed. Can you give us a call at 800-SHOP-CVS?

yes but looking forward more to the quarterly extra bucks!! smile. I did till it started snowing here in VA today

the app isnt working right wont let me view frova mg all my albums???

@Amy : if your CVS is like mine, they will match the price. They are amazingly accomodating.

Rani Seedhom in frovatriptan succinate usp monograph Greenville, South Carolina.

I already have my list ready for my items plus I have $3. Extra bucks to use from my last purchases.. I had two .75 coupons. Good deal! Everyone can use deodorant!  It's even made in the good old USA!!!!!!!

laptops would b nice, but schools think they need state of the art faculties and rooms. if only they would spend that budget on the kids instead of all glass entries or top of the line tiles and asthetics they could put a laptop with wi-fi in the kids arms. dont need wi-fi at home libraries are free and open late most places. but wont happen the schools are more worried about the way the frovatriptan discount card building looks instead of how the needs of kids are. 1 mill to redo a school that would have put a pc in every hand sad

How do I load my pictures.. when I click the link is says the App. is  having trouble loading.. guess it's good I have a few days.. maybe it will start working soon..  I hope so this deal made my day

Wow...this is gonna cost frovatriptan generic date

This program does nothing for me and I don't see a difference in this program added to the extracare benefits.  Its really nothing special or I just am unlucky and don't get any of the perks....

My store, N Jerusalem in North Bellmore, is the best. It's a small store but they have the friendliest people. Never a problem to help you find something and if there are two people in line another register is opened frova rx immediately.. my CVS is the next town over - love the folks who work there - so helpful, caring, and fun yikes)