no green bag tag?? That's another buck after 4 uses..don't forget about that reward!!. I really love my cvs. Have saved >$4,000 since Jan 2012. U rock cvs. My refissa other savings is speedway. Can't believe b4 2011. I wouldn't use either card. Lol.@Sue. Love my green bag.

Bill Hopps (father), Bill Reilly (uncle), John Leslie (2nd cousin), Keith Morgan (husband) - buy refissa just a few of many who've served so unselfishly.

because she is my mom. I love you mother. refissa prescription

I've tried buy refissa in canada every allergy medication under the sun and NOTHING helps my year round allergies. I've been on nasal steroids plus oral antihistamines and nothing works effectively. I probably need allergy shots but am not able to afford the expensive testing.

This thread is full of so much CVS fail.. I find this post very humorous because every time I ask the pharmacist at CVS any sort of question about my medications they tell me they're not doctors and can't answer any questions. When I was pregnant my doctor told me to take children's Tylenol cold and all I could find was specific tylenol cold meds (stuffy nose, sore throat, etc). I asked the pharmacist to assist in finding the simple children's Tylenol cold an they said \

Printed my Extrabucks rewards for fall spending...and CVS I will be calling you soon. I reached my $50 spending on 12/31/11. Where is my $5 ECB for my beauty care spending?. Print!  Like others--when I sent to refissa vs. generic card it wasn't available when went to store!  Still love CVS and extra bucks!

Hi Laura, you earn 2% back on every purchase and rewards on many prescription purchases. For more information about ExtraBucks Rewards, visit Thanks for reaching out!. I now know why CVS prices r higher than other chains. Also if their pharmacy dept on Warwick av in the S&S plaza where more knowlegable that would be good. Give me Walgreens.

No presents order refissa online under the tree for me- but seeing the excitement on my daughters face and having my newborn son home is gift enough! Couldn't ask for more! .  Oh CVS, you attention seeker, you...

Troy Holland 😮 I'm going to try some of these.. Lizbeth Lechuga. Here cuz ur refissa purchase ass stays getting headaches

Strawberry shortcake dolls, sour grapes, and purple pie man, and entire village. Wish I still had them. refissa cream ingredients

Lightning McQueen and a dinosaur. My 10 month and discount refissa I will be bumble bees and my husband will be the beekeeper.

any where in san antonio texas what location is doing it???. I called my store and they didn't get free items in yet said they should obagi refissa best price have tomorrow and were going to ask manager if they could do saturday

no coupon recieved    What's up    Love CVS  sad

Its never works for me. Everyweek i try but it always takes me to THIS weeks ad.

Nicole at CVS refissa coupon in urbana Il Philo Rd.  She is Awesome!!!!!!

Easter egg hunt at church when I refissa price was 7.. Going to my grandma and grandpa's house:)

Unfortunately a $5/40 coupon doesnt do me any good when after driving 30 minutes to my nearest CVS on a Monday morning, I find my store is sold out of all the items I wanted this week, so there was no way I could spend $40. I dont understand refissa vs retin a micro why CVS doesnt stock more of the items they know are going to be in demand for the week.

Thad Ashford in Starkville, MS. Not only is he an EXCELLENT retailer and manager....he is a GREAT obagi refissa retin a person !. not store mgr but a mgr at 11th and Memorial in Tulsa OK.  Jerrett! He is really attentive to his customers, helpful to everyone, kind and enegetic.  I see him work with the other staff as well as the customers and never see him NOT smiling, NOT working, and NOT helping others.  Refreshing knowing I can shop there and feel so welcomed. I LOVE that CVS because of HIM!

Let's go Packers, let's go!!!!!!!!!!!!. Green Bay all the way - Go Pack Go!!

I was a tech for 5 years and loved it. Then I got bilateral PEs and DVTs from birth control and I got more curious so some great pharmacists encouraged me to go to pharmacy school. I knew what I was getting into and I knew I already loved it. I just wish we had lunch refissa for wrinkles reviews breaks, and a chance to sit down for a while.... and that our patients were never customers in the eyes of our employers. And whoever said every other weekend was the industry standard couldn't have been mom to young children.... because it's the absolute worst. hmm

call the prescriber and askhim or her refissa ingredients

Tropicamide 1% ophthalmic solution. Dispense 1 bottle (5ml)
Sig: 1 drop into right eye morning of surgery.

Earn it  ..... DON'T refissa buy CRY!!!!! It's that simple ☺

Is this clinically significant?  3 deaths per 1000 active group vs. 1 death per 1000 control group; cohort study?. I remember dealing with interactions on a Friday afternoon as a consultant phm in a long term care. Somehow the dispensing system had let it through. I was able to contact the doctor and get the ACEI held until things could be reassessed. When I contacted the dispensing pharmacist the answer was the interaction was \

1) 1. refissa cream best price  Amoxicillin 500 mg, 1 TID x 10 days
2)gentisyn(Gentamicin otic drops). 1. Amoxy TID for 10 days 2. Cortisporin otic drops in left ear TDS 1 bottle With 1 refill each