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That looks like it would add weight lol. Anyone tried this?

Suzanne Buczak it looks like I just found another excuse to not go to the doctors.

does anyone know if your green bag tag is linked to ur cvs card or if i can have my mom scan it when she uses her card?. you can use it on a different card

Hi April, if you didn't get your coupon and have checked your spam folder, please give us a call at 800-SHOP-CVS. Thanks!. Reeses peanut butter cups then kitkat then hersheys chocolate bar

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Did not know about myrbetriq consumer reports the green tag bag ...thanks! (:

a must have for back-to-school would be great deals!!! we parents spend alot on school supplies and those of who do not have the luxury of enough money to drop $75.00 on supplies and not think twice, need to watch what we spend and go where the great myrbetriq cost with insurance deals are!!

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This will also clue people in on how old I am, but I remember my most favorite purchase in getting ready for the new school year is the new pair of sneakers.  Of course, they were Keds Red Ball Jets, which made you run faster and jump higher in than any other pair of sneakers.  I loved the little red dot at the back of my sneakers & always believed I COULD run myrbetriq customer reviews faster and jump higher in them!

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I've tried doing this before and it never accepts my it keeps telling me to enter a valid number.

Well cvs is the only place i will go to get all my meds. And all the people that work their are always very nice& helpful to you& lets not forget all that cvs does for all our miltary troops& their family. And they also help supply medical supply to extrem make look how much they donate to all the people that need help i think that is great cause see we have 2 sons in the army& we are very proud of them. so thank you cvs.. looks like cvs ignored all your \

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This is why, here pharmacist's has a team of assistants working myrbetriq side effects mayo clinic with him/her..... More eyes, more control to avoid mistakes...... 😉💊💊💊

I had a pain clinic inform their patients that if their pharmacy did not accept e-scripts for controlled drugs, they couldn't use them anymore.  Would have been nice if they had consulted with us first.  We accept them and get them almost daily.

Let's cut tech hours when you don't hit numbers, but yet now you decrease numbers in productivity myrbetriq off label uses bc people are overworked and making errors. So because the numbers are less now, you must have your help cut MORE hours. Oh yeah, and let's have technology systems from Windows 95.

HA HA HA we had a toy poodle we filled meds for but they never asked about a machine, prob because the cuff would have swam around his mid-section LOL.. People calling on a cell phone with a bad connection and half of what they're saying gets chopped up. Call from a land line please! Smh...

See the education video ...

... I went to CVS today to buy Easter candy and found my Extra Care card was not recognized.  She tried phone number and email lookup--nothing.  This has been happening the past two weeks and I previously contacted customer service.  They issued a courtesy coupon, but that only works with the Extra Care card.   Logged into my account,  it is showing correct email and phone number.  And I know email is correct because they send me an email at least twice a week.   Very embarrassing as this has happened several times and I held up the line.  Left about $50 worth of stuff on the counter today myrbetriq bladder commercial and walked out.

That's horrible! Makes me sick. Poor chicks. 🤢

Russians have overlooked had not the United States supplied them with myrbetriq copay coupon weapons of war, Russia that was  left of it would be speaking German.