And if u ask them who is this , they won't tell their name still but will tell u how long they've been coming to ur pharmacy for and how many medications they take from ur pharmacy haha

«do i have refills left for the pill I take in the mornings?» or any variation on that.... Hmmmm I seem to have misplaced my crystal ball... What's your name? Phone number? Name of the pill? Ughhh every day!

When the pharmacy opens at 9 and the customer is there waiting for the pharmacy to open up, and says, \

they just hand in prescription and expected it to be ready in few minutes and say I being in the hospital for 4 hours, but I have not kept  them for that long and they become restless saying tax is waiting, is not ready? how can you concentrate

Just say your name first and say it slowly please!!!

Many people don't know the name of medicine so describe its colour , price or  its place if they toke it before the matter that make me annoyed from them but some time they are not able to remeber due to over age or have not educated enough so pass it sometimes

I just got out of the Drs office and they faxed my scripts here.. are they ready or do I have to wait..

When they come through or call and say I'm picking up for my mom. Or I'm picking up for sarah. Um, sorry, I don't have anybody named mom in our system. Could it be under a different name?

Very few people's take their medication by calling u ( tough they given prescription) n the person who is calling things that u can recognise their voice

Working with the public is turning me into a bitter person.. where the heck has common sense gone !!! People ask the the dumbest questions

Worry less about the peeves, focus on your amazing, dedicated, necessary career

Unrealistic expectations ... Biggest mistake assuming all pts have realistic expectations. Know yourself and know your pts.

I'll ask can I get your name please

Pretty much everything. Retired.

pts take it for granted that we know every thing about them they consider usas robots switch on nd we speak every thing

em gonna say come along with your prescription