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and now we wonder where do ISIS and NUSRA gets thier funds, ubicar celulares online en google maps and how the F* they survived in Aleepo after being CUT-OFF and under full blown airstrike from RUSSIA and Syria..i wonder why...

Mason Peters we're literally funding terrorists.


There is no doubt that they are not wise and religion in connection with this action ubicar ip online mi celular por gps movistar Almutkhalaf. I don't have to be a Muslim to know this isn't part of Islam..wtf is this 😅

They r not muslims u ubicar tablet during pregnancy motherfuckers stop sharing this stupid videos. This is not İslam they r not muslims. Many Christians & Jews cut off the foreskin of a baby!! Who are we to judge?!

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Please read this comment
It is a fatal mistake to make short reports ubicar un celular telcel por internet about controvorsial issue to peole who have zero preceeding knowledge about it. I am a shian person who lives in Iraq and i think that i know more about this tradition than you my dear European and American brothers.i can tell you that this disgusting tradition is widely refused by all muslim people.it is even forbidden by many shian clerks like Khamenei for example. I want to finish my comment by inviting you to read the story of imam Hussein's revolution instead of watching these idiots who try to give you a bloody disgusting impression about him.. O fellow human, if you see pics of people cutting & beating themselves this week ~ Please understand it has nothing to do with Islam.

This is not Muslim.  Call em Shitte only... Melih Moshe ubicar celular online windows mobile Giulian Muhammed urr arg

I am also Muslim but not this kind that is absolutely wrong and all of them is  crezy. Dam stupid  what the crazy s... going with them the Devils  people   or what