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Excellent example of what a failed society looks like. posting diane 35 price in india videos without knowing when it was started and who started to make like this?this is crazy. dont criticize what you can see in this must know first who started this fucking bullshit!?

I, despite my love for the Philippines and the Filipino people, do not like this even one little bit. I will tell you this - and I suspect there will be more to tell - 9 of the police officers involved have been arrested and will face a diane 35 online kaufen ohne rezept full investigation. When President Duterte says the things that upset people so much, he almost always adds a clear warning to the authorities involved. He tells them, in graphic terms, what he wants done - and then he tells them that it MUST be done according to the law.  People actually believe he has told people to go out and kill drug users - what he actually has said is that, if a person being arrested threatens an officer, that officer should respond to the threat immediately and with extreme prejudice. I fully agree with that and wish our president would say the same thing here regarding all this mob behavior we've been having. Do what is needed, but do it in a proper way.. Omg police brutality imported from USA

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i wonder what the US govt. is trying to hide from the Public this time?. Charbel Semaan its because of the remake for the movie \

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We picnic at our local park, and oftentimes right in our own backyard :-). Fort Harrison State Park it's the perfect place to have a picnic and a fun filled day with family. There is everything from, lakes, trails, horse back riding to swings and slides it's perfect.

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keeping an eye on the drunk neighbors to make sure they don't burn my house down with fireworks. ...

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Great you, bush, cheney, hillary and bill will be tried as war criminals!

Stupid law..  When all hell breaks loose, they will blame Obama.

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