Learning good from the american cops


USA instigator of violence since 1946. Philippines looks like it will soon be ripped apart


They deserve will valium make me sick it for jumping infront like retards

Merissi sad oi mga gong gong kasi yong mga ralllyesta ,,,

Human life how many valium to sleep is worth nothing there.. Was a peaceful country. .until the dickhead from davao took over

Alexander Horvat Zeljko Stanojlovic PeXx TebraFakenzi Vucenovic biisd teppaat hah. The islamic  muslims are taking over there because the general populous will not protect themselves and the central government in that area is weak.


Matt Quinlan Joseph Santos Nick Pusic

Fayssal Abdallah Haysam M. highest milligram valium Nasredine. Michel MradHussam MhannaElias NaoumElias Nassrallah


Everyone at RT seems to be pushing for Hillary. Have they been bought, or do they want war ?


busy making armor to save soldier life? i think you should making peace instead.. This gives you an strong indication, that these terrorist with expensive stripy suites will carry on with there dirty agendas! valium ereksjon


Stop attack/ invade other valium dosage adults countries!

Than the soldiers don't need stuff like this?!. They're  Chinese worms, of course.


No new technology here, Chinese and Japanese had been using silk as armors long before the Columbus set foot on the new world. Try something more challenging like world hunger or free energy.


The best way to save soldier's lives is STOP WITH THE FUCKING STARTING WARS ALREADY.  FFS!!!. they hope it will help them save their soldiers lives, so that they can kill more innocent lives...

Aaron Kearney haha this looks like something you would have made lol


Kyle McDonnell I think we need one of these for during class (Or just life in general)

Dima Tarnov a good way to ease back into working life?


Yasmin Ackinclose Camila Galvez 😁 might start wearing a suit again to work 😂 what milligrams does valium come in


When you finish at indigo sun at 9pm on a Friday and need to catch up on the sesh Alicia Kevill


Dan bro level with me. Is this what you have in your suits?

Mike Thomas saw it the other day, better with commentary


Wai Kin Leung now you can get through the 4hr master list meetings with ease


Amy I have found my xmas present!!! Get one that fits into my overalls!! Xxx valium during flight

Hayley Davies we need the is valium stronger than soma female blazer and pen attachment!


Haha I saw this the other day Steph Adams and my inner student was a lord valium hair studio little excited


Charles-Elie, je sais pas pourquoi dosage valium pour chat mais j'ai pensé à toi!