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Yes! Very touching im not a muslim. But sad to say that terrorist almost muslim looking back all over the world is terrorized by muslims. While comitting  the crime they loved to say Allah wakbar........ Allah wakbar..... Allah wakbar....???????????????????. I'm a Muslim and I'm not a terrorist Muslim is peaceful religion 🙏 those terrorists might be not real Muslim!!!


Terrorist is anyone that performs acts of violence, killings, tortures and more. Those idiots who kill children in schools, church goers, people in any city of the world, airports, airplanes, train and metro stations are ALL terrorists and they are not all muslims...

Been a muslin doesn't mean you are terrorist , our religion is religion of peace love , all life is matter wether you are Muslim or Christian real Muslim who belief to Coran and respect the Coran as well it is will not kill human been because is forbidden in Coran , proud of been a real Muslim  !!!!!. I am Muslim and I don't even no what is isis

I am a Muslim and I respect all religions
Peace and love ❤️

The right thing to do is stop calling these vile people Muslims,in the TV news or papers etc,they should call them something else,even though they are trying to make people believe it's in the name of religion,no mention to Muslims or the coran, then we would begin to separate the good Muslims who must be going through glucotrol xl 5 kapli tb hell,from these evil fanatics who have nothing nothing to do with any religion.