Mr Putin go and finish them the world will remember you as a real leader.. Really who are these countries? Have they taken any refugees? Are they to be forced to pay country's for humanitarian crisis they created.

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U see that's what any government likes to see just to get a good reputation. That's why we British people can't getΒ  Β flats thts why were liveing with our parents. Even though were been on the housing list for years. We get told by the housing ppl. Sorry unless ur pregnant or elderly u ave to stay where you are. And they next they come to us and they don't get turned away. It's just not fair when we are the British people that needs help from them fucking piss take. Shame on you hungarian pricks.. One of the reason all ur gyalz r selling their bodies in uk cuz u deserve this

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These posts give me hope for my boyfriend's mother. Should we have a baby I couldn't have him at her house. That worries me on so many levels.

2 year anniversary on Jan 1rst 2015. That's after smoking for 60 years.

All neulasta vs neupogen efficacy of if! Love this time of year:)

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A big thanks to CVS, let's hope more stores do this.. My one reason : it took my neulasta injection administration mom's life way to I have to go on without my mom and her great grandbabies won't know her

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